When you get divorced on an opposed/contested basis, the legal process can take years to finalise and become very expensive. Often, exorbitant legal fees are incurred even before reaching trial, where the decision is left to a Judge who does not know your family or circumstances and who may give an Order that you are not happy with.


When you choose to mediate your divorce, you will attend between 4 to 6 mediation sessions. We will assist you to reach a mutually acceptable agreement on the terms of your divorce, including arrangements regarding the children, assets and finances. You remain in control of the outcome of your divorce and are more likely to reach an agreement that is workable and sustainable. Mediation is a much faster and more cost effective process and is far less traumatic for all parties involved. 

Once agreement has been reached in mediation, you can be divorced within 2 to 3 months. We will assist you with the necessary legal process in order to obtain a decree of divorce from the Court.

Child Maintenance

The maintenance court process can be extremely time consuming and frustrating and you can end up spending months or even years in court without any resolution to your maintenance dispute.

Avoid this daunting and expensive process by scheduling a mediation session, where we can help you to find a fair and cost effective solution to your maintenance dispute.

Once agreement has been reached, we will assist you with the necessary process to have your maintenance agreement made an Order of Court.

Parenting Plans

If you have a child and you and the mother/father are unmarried, you will need a Parenting Plan that sets out all of the arrangements regarding the child, including care and contact and maintenance. Let us help you put together a Parenting Plan which is in the child's best interests and which suits both parents.


Once a Parenting Plan has been prepared, we will assist you to have the Parenting Plan made an Order of Court, or registered with the office of the Family Advocate.