Rudi Kruger - Attorney and Mediation Practitioner

Rudi Kruger is an attorney and mediation practitioner, with almost a decade of experience in family and divorce litigation. Rudi has seen first hand how costly and time-consuming the litigation process can become and strives to prevent her clients from becoming caught up in this process unnecessarily.

Rudi understands the trauma associated with divorce and that, apart from the emotional aspects which are difficult to deal with, it is daunting trying to navigate the tough decisions that need to be made regarding children, assets and finances. Rudi provides a confidential and neutral space for the issues in dispute to be discussed and, as a skilled mediator, works together with the parties to find mutually acceptable solutions.

Rudi will help you to have a cost effective, win-win divorce. Whereas it can take years to get divorced when caught up in litigation, the terms of your divorce can be finalised within 4 to 6 mediation sessions. Once agreement has been reached in mediation, Rudi will help you with the necessary legal process in order to obtain a decree of divorce from Court. 

What People Say

"I was fortunate to work with Rudi Kruger as part of mediation for my divorce from my husband. I found her to be knowledgeable in the pitfalls of divorce and she advocated for mediation strongly. She was gentle, practical and quick between the mediation sessions. The entire process went smoothly and speedily. I highly recommend her as a mediator."

-Argentina Smuts