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Why Mediation?

Having made the decision to part ways, you want the separation or divorce to be amicable, but tough decisions need to be made. What are the best arrangements for your children? What are your maintenance obligations? What happens with your assets? 


Far too often, people start this process with litigation, which is by its nature adversarial and does not encourage parties to find middle ground. They become caught up in drawn out and costly legal proceedings when mediation could have been attempted first, saving both parties time and money.


At Rudi Kruger Mediation, we believe in a mediated divorce, serving the interests of all parties involved. We will help you to navigate the tough decisions and find working solutions that suit everyone, keeping your family relationships intact in the process.

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Rudi Kruger is an attorney with nine years of experience in family litigation, dealing predominantly with divorces, maintenance and matters relating to the care and contact of minor children. She has seen the negative effects of protracted litigation on families and children, which led her to develop an interest in methods of alternative dispute resolution, particularly mediation.

Believing that family mediation is much needed within our legal framework, she has started Rudi Kruger Mediation, with family mediation as her sole focus.

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We mediate divorces, disputes regarding parental responsibilities and rights, parenting plans and maintenance orders.

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As a registered law practice, we can assist you with the  relevant legal processes once agreement has been reached in mediation.

Success Stories

“It's great to see experienced attorneys acknowledging the value of mediation and using their skills to resolve disputes between litigators or potential litigators.”

Advocate Patricia van der Nest